This area is only for testing & evaluating proposed new e-learning courses.

All these courses, lessons etc. are currently under development & test.


These are modules currently under development for Manager Training/Induction.

Rebranded version for Powys County Council, based on Denbighshire's module.

Proposed replacement for "Fire Safety Awareness" e-Learning Module.

NHS Fire Safety Refresher Module - for testing and evaluation.

Proposed replacement for "Office Health & Safety" e-Learning Module.

NHS Health and Safety Module - for testing and evaluation.

The Council is committed to preventing and reducing sickness absence levels. It is recognised that high levels of attendance contribute to more effective delivery of Council services and have a positive impact on employee morale, increase job security and make the Council more efficient.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that employees experiencing problems with attendance at work are adequately supported (where it is practicable and reasonable to do so). Employees who are absent from work due to sickness will be treated consistently and with respect. 

Managing sickness absence makes business sense – it is estimated that sickness absence costs the UK economy around £16 billion a year.